"Ögram is a giant leap into the kinds of advances that are so sorely needed in exodontia. PRICELESS!”

 - Larry Johnson, D.D.S.


 “I learned more in one hour from the Ögram System on tooth removal, than I did in four years of dental school.”

 - Wm. L. Glenn, III, D.D.S.


 “The surgical techniques presented are logical, efficient, quick and decrease post-op pain and complications   significantly.”

 - Claudette Gibson, D.D.S.


 “As a prosthodontist, it’s exciting to advance to the Ögram extraction techniques that preserves soft tissue and bone, providing me the anatomy I need to construct esthetic and retentive fixed, removable, or implant   restorations.”

 - Carolyn K. Parker, D.D.S.


 “The Ögram Course was one of the most interesting courses I have ever taken. In fact, it was one of the best out of 1700 CE hours in the past 12 years.”

 - David R. Scharf, D.M.D. past Clinical Assistant Professor NYU College of Dentistry