1.) "Alveolar Resorption after tooth Extraction with two different Extraction Methods A Comparison Study"

2.) "The Ögram System - a Contribution to Minimize Trauma for Tooth Extraction"


 Imperative to the introduction of any new surgical technique is the clinical trials and studies to prove its effectiveness and validity. Dental schools in Berlin, Cologne, and Heidelberg completed independent Ögram System studies. The summary of these studies, translated from German are shown here. These studies confirmed that:

    ·   Ögram was clinically proven to predictably reduce extraction time to an average less than 10 minutes of technique time, without the need of reflecting a flap, trenching, removal of facial cortical bone or excessive instrument forces.

    ·   The technique was determined to be easy to implement when using appropriate instrumentation.

87% of non-impacted teeth extracted were trauma free to surrounding tissues using the Ögram protocols compared to less than 13% using conventional tooth removal protocols.