Designed by bio-medical engineers, the Ögram System was researched and adopted by dentists and Dental Schools.

 More than 50,000 dentists in the U.S. and Europe use the Ögram System to remove the majority of non-impacted teeth in less than 10 minutes without laying flaps, osteotomy, osseous fracture, or periosteum interference with curved or angled root forms without touching adjoining teeth. The Ögram System eliminates surrounding tissue trauma for non-impacted teeth and simplifies surgical procedures.

The #1 attended Exodontia course in America and Europe for many decades! 

 Learn the most advanced technology for an atraumatic tooth removal system that:
 •   Provides predictable results for simple and complex erupted teeth
 •   Protects implant anatomy
 •   Provides optimal care for your patients
 •   Increases your bottom line

The Anatomy – identifies what needs correcting and how the tissues should be treated

The Technique – must incorporate laws of motion

The Instrument – correct scientifically and anatomically designed instruments produce the desired                                             atraumatic results

The Three Key Components Required for Optimum Surgical Design: