The Ögram System
The Atraumatic Tooth Extraction
Technology for the 21st Century
The only atraumatic exodontia course of its kind!
Tooth Extraction - The Ögram System is an Advanced Non-Invasive Bioengineered
Micro-Motion Exodontia Technology for the Modern Dental Practice
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The Ögram System began with a “clean sheet of paper” to determine how the modern sciences would script exodontia protocol with today’s scientific information. An extensive team of professionals from many scientific disciplines in the U.S. and Europe collaborated during the six years of development with Gunnar Philipp as team leader and lead surgical designer. Our team consisted of specialists in biology, histology, stomatology, dental anatomy, radiography, bioengineering, physics, geometry, mathematics and dentists from various specialties. This was the first scientific exodontia effort of its’ kind in the history of dentistry.

A histological assessment of soft and hard tissues surrounding teeth was investigated initially to determine which tissues should be preserved to avoid permanent defects. Periosteum and cortical bone were deemed to be the key tissues for preservation and avoiding bone fracture. The motion equations were scripted for technique and finally the instrumentation was chosen for optimal technique delivery.

Our goal was to engineer and design an easy atraumatic system for simple and complex tooth removal that protects the cortical shell, alveolus, periosteum, and surrounding tissues. Also, to accomplish the atraumatic removal in less than 10 minutes of technique time with high predictability. Mucoperiosteal flaps at the gingival papilla, which causes bone loss, and bone removal was not an option. This was accomplished and more. 

Dental schools in Berlin, Cologne, and Heidelberg completed independent Ögram System studies and Ögram was clinically proven to have exceeded these goals and was shown to be easy to implement in the dental practice. Over 85% of non-impacted teeth extracted were trauma free to surrounding tissues using the Ögram protocols compared to less than 9% using conventional tooth removal protocols.

The Ögram System offers new possibilities for dentistry and shares very little with traditional technique or logic. About 85% to 90% of the technology will be new to the dental profession.

    Join the thousands of dentists who now can remove the majority of difficult non-impacted teeth, without reflecting a flap, trenching, or osteotomy, averaging less than 6 minutes of technique time. Simply put, there is no other exodontia method that carries these distinctions offering so much to patients and dentists.


Results of an Ögram System extraction