The Ögram System
The Atraumatic Tooth Extraction
Technology for the 21st Century
The only atraumatic exodontia course of its kind!
Tooth Extraction - The Ögram System is an Advanced Non-Invasive Bioengineered
Micro-Motion Exodontia Technology for the Modern Dental Practice
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“I learned more in one hour from the Ögram System on tooth removal, than I did in four years of Dental School.”

Wm. L. Glenn, III, D.D.S.


“If you want to perform atraumatic exodontia and obtain exceptional results, consider the principles taught by Gunnar Philipp. Oral surgery is much more predictable and enjoyable because these specific, sequenced techniques lead to the desired outcome. Dentists should know that this is simply the best technique for atraumatic exodontia.”
Steve Evans, D.D.S.


 “Great course! This was the best information on tooth removal I have ever received. The techniques I learned to avoid trauma, removing unusual root forms and decayed teeth and still maintain original anatomy were priceless.”  - Thomas E. Rider, D.D.S.


“As a Prosthodontist, it’s exciting to have a technique that preserves bone, providing me the anatomy I need to construct esthetic and retentive fixed, removable, or implant restorations.” - Carolyn K. Parker, D.D.S.


“Wow! Did my first Ögram extraction 2 days after I learned the atraumatic way to remove teeth. Tooth slipped out like taking a sock off.”
 Larry Gamby, D.D.S.


“Thanks for a full value course.” Fred Wauchope, D.D.S.


Your exodontia seminar was fantastic! It was so full of great practical dental information that we need to know about and use everyday in the exodontia segment of our practice.”
Carter Wiseman, D.D.S.


‘The class was extremely helpful for my surgery techniques, and I have patients thank me all the time for such easy extractions.” Valerie Kellbach, D.D.S.


“Thank you for a wonderful course. My staff and I came away with information we put to use in our practice immediately.” Theo Batistas, D.D.S.


“It amazes me how much easier it has made difficult extractions. Ögram makes exodontia less traumatic for the patient, as well as for the doctor.”  
Kent Ziegenbein, D.D.S.