The Ögram System
The Atraumatic Tooth Extraction
Technology for the 21st Century
The only atraumatic exodontia course of its kind!
Tooth Extraction - The Ögram System is an Advanced Non-Invasive Bioengineered
Micro-Motion Exodontia Technology for the Modern Dental Practice
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June 2 Baltimore MD
June 3 Philadelphia PA
June 10 Norfolk VA
June 16 Dallas TX
June 17 Dallas Advanced Course TX
Aug. 19 Oklahoma City OK
Aug. 25 Houston TX
Aug. 26 San Antonio TX
Sept. 15 Denver CO
Sept. 16 Omaha NE
Sept. 22 San Jose CA
Sept. 23 Oakland CA
Oct. 6 Chicago IL
Oct. 7 Milwaukee WI
Oct. 13 Washington DC
Oct. 14 Richmond VA
Nov. 3 Cleveland OH
Nov. 4 Pittsburg PA
Nov. 17 Nashville TN
Nov. 18 Charlotte NC
Dec. 1 Orlando FL
Dec. 2 Miami FL
Dec. 8 Dallas-Ft. Worth TX
Dec. 9 Dallas-Ft. Worth (Advanced Course) TX
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