The Ögram System
The Atraumatic Tooth Extraction
Technology for the 21st Century
The only atraumatic exodontia course of its kind!
Tooth Extraction - The Ögram System is an Advanced Non-Invasive Bioengineered
Micro-Motion Exodontia Technology for the Modern Dental Practice
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The Ögram System course is a one-day 8-hour CE class with lecture and “hands-on” participation. Natural skulls, models, complete instrumentation, and course syllabus allow each participant to explore Ögram’s bioengineered technology for exodontia. Course material covers simple and complex erupted teeth and some impacted removals. Classes are limited to 20 dentists, please register early. 


A sampling of the class:


• A detailed review of dental anatomy concerning exodontia and identifying the tissues that need preservation to maintain original anatomy.

• The bioengineering motion theories that simplify tooth removal, for example, applying two-axis parallel motion in a specific 45 degree sector aligned the chord of a geometry.

• The micro-motion principles of physics relative to anatomy.

• Learn how to achieve multi-axis radiographic assessment for root geometries to determine the roots delivery path.

• An easier and more predictable new geometric technique for sectioning teeth with multiple roots while preserving the alveolus and interradicular bone and the motion principles to deliver them predictably.

• Remove roots flush with the crest of the bone without a flap or bone loss.

• Remove root tips in 2 minutes using a single technique without a handpiece.

• Identification of extraction techniques and extraction instruments that cause unwanted trauma or cannot deliver the roots without trauma.

• Why bone loss or bone resorption happens post-extraction and how to avoid post-extraction bone loss.

• Anatomical and physical reasons why not to position forceps apically on a tooth.

• How and why most elevators cause osseous and soft tissue trauma.

• Identification and use of predictable atraumatic armamentarium.

• The satisfaction of having learned an easy modern way to remove difficult teeth averaging 6-minutes or less of technique time while preserving surrounding anatomy and doing so 80 to 90 percent of the time while increasing your bottom line and reducing patient and doctor stress.

• AGD FAGD/MAGD Credit; State CE Credit (where applicable)


The Ögram System courses are scheduled throughout the year in major metropolitan areas in the United States. Class size is limited, special scheduling and class format changes can be made to accommodate dental groups and dental organizations, as well as limited private instruction. All of our scheduled classes are held at major hotels near the cities airport with hotels providing free airport shuttle service.


Audits: Dentists who have previously attended The Ögram System course sponsored by us can audit any of our courses for a substantially reduced tuition fee within the United States for review of material and to learn the new updates to the technology. Audit tuition includes 8 hours of CE.